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1. Administrative review and validation

Once the applicants have submitted their application on our online platform, the coordinating institution will proceed with the administrative review and validation (i.e. it will make sure that the student's application is complete and valid, with certified copies, correctly translated documents, and no missing or invalid document).

Incomplete or invalid applications are not taken into account.
Applicants with incomplete or invalid applications will be notified.

2. Evaluation of submitted applications

After the call has ended, the list of applications is sent to the reviewers. Each application file is reviewed by two members of the selection committee. The members come from two different institutions of the consortium, to ensure that all applicants are reviewed fairly. Applications are reviewed based on the evaluation criteria listed below.

After all of the applications have been reviewed, a ranking is generated based on the grades given by the reviewers. The STRAINS selection committee meets to look at the ranking and discuss which applicants will be invited to an interview. Applicants are chosen based on their grades and the selection criteria (listed at the bottom of this page).

Evaluation criteria - APPLICATION FILES

  • Academic records
  • Scientific background
  • Ranking of academic institution
  • Motivations
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Acquired practical experience

3. Interview of shortlisted candidates

Short-listed applicants will be invited to an interview in English by video conference or phone, with two members of the selection committee. The interview is designed to explore candidates’ motivation to participate in STRAINS, assess consistency of their project with the programme's objectives, evaluate their critical thinking skills and general understanding of solid mechanics and test their command of English.

During the interviews, applicants may be asked scientific questions to assess their general knowledge of solid mechanics.

Evaluation criteria - INTERVIEWS

  • Applicants' motivation to participate in the STRAINS programme
  • Consistency of the applicant's project with the programme's objectives
  • Scientific background and general knowledge of solid mechanics
  • Level of proficiency in English

4. Results

The results are announced mid-April for the first call and in May/June for the second call.

Every applicant will be notified of their result. Applicants selected on main list will be asked to confirm their participation to the programme by email.
Applicants selected on reserve list have two choices: stay on the reserve list or participate as a self-funded student (i.e. a non-scholarship holder).

After the applicants have confirmed their participation to the programme, they will receive an email containing everything they need to manage their arrival (a letter of admission to the programme, a certificate of scholarship when applicable and a student guide). The student guide includes a lot of practical information regarding visa application, accommodation options, registration formalities, services available for students on campus (libraries, sports, medical facilities, etc).



    In compliance with the rules of EMJMD programmes stated by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), no more than 3 applicants selectedas scholarship holders in the same intake may come from the same country. This rule does not apply for self-funded students.
    No less than 40% of selected applicants must be female candidates. To comply with these restrictions, some applicants may be removed from the main list and replaced by the next ranked applicants in the reserve list. The STRAINS Programme Board is committed to the elimination of unlawful discrimination and to the promotion of equal opportunities for all.
    To ensure the balance of students from both fields, the Consortium tries to select an equal number of applicants from Civil and Mechanical Engineering-related backgrounds.