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Application for admission in the STRAINS programme is entitled to students holding a Bachelor of Science or Engineering degree in Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or equivalent with a strong background in Mechanics, Physics and Mathematics.

Students from all over the world are welcome to join the programme.

A 4-step selection process

1. Administrative review and validation

Applicants submit their electronic file to the programme coordinating institution for administrative review and validation (i.e. certified and correctly translated documents with no missing or invalid document). Each applicant receives an acknowledgement of receipt of his submission.

2. Evaluation

The selection is performed in two successive waves:

  • In the first session, the selection committee evaluates the applications containing scholarship requests. The non-selected candidates will be offered to join the STRAINS Master without a scholarship.
  • The second session is opened for applicants not requesting a scholarship.

3. Interview of shortlisted candidates

Interviews will be conducted using Skype (audio and/or video).  Alternatively, it will be possible to phone shortlisted candidates on a landline or mobile number.

Preselected applicants will be invited to an interview in English by video conference or phone, with two members of the selection committee. The interview is designed to explore candidates’ motivation to study on the STRAINS course, assess consistency of their project with the program's objectives, evaluate their critical thinking skills and general understanding of solid mechanics and test their command of English.

4. Results

As soon as the lists are published, awarded students will receive an email containing everything he/she needs to manage his/her arrival (an admission letter describing the financial conditions, Erasmus+ certificate of scholarship award when applicable, an accommodation form, a student guide and maps). The student guide includes academic and practical information (regarding visa application, housing facilities, cost of living, enrolment formalities, and list of documents to be provided by the students for all formalities, library, sports, medical house and other facilities available on campus).

Evaluation criteria

  • In addition to the English level, the academic background and ranking are the most important criteria.
  • Gender balance will be considered in the enrolment procedure: not more than two candidates may come from the same country, and no less than 40% must be female candidates. To comply with these restrictions some candidates may be removed from the main list and replaced by the next ranked candidates in the reserve list. The Programme Board is committed to the elimination of unlawful discrimination and to the promotion of equal opportunities for all.