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Cosenza is an ancient city located in the southern part of Italy. The city centre has a population of approximately 70,000, while the urban area counts around 200,000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the Province of Cosenza, which has a population of over 700,000.

The ancient town is the seat of the Cosentian Academy, one of the oldest academies of philosophical and literary studies in Italy and Europe. To this day, the city remains a cultural hub, with museums, theatres, libraries, and the University of Calabria (UNICAL).

The living cost in Cosenza is extremely competitive (average single room cost 107 euro per month, average canteen cost euro 3.5 per meal; average pizza + drink cost euro 10).


The University of Calabria continually develops and promotes student exchanges with high-quality institutions of higher education in the European Union and beyond, thanks to a variety of programmes (Erasmus +, etc.). Il also promotes co-supervised doctoral theses, for which doctoral students do research alternately at the University of Calabria and in an international institution. Actually UNICAL has 240 International agreement with 220 other institutions around the world, 

Unical has a long history in research and students exchange with China Universities with 10 International Cooperation Agreements.


UPON ARRIVAL: UNICAL International Student Support team (Welcome Office) offers support for immigration documents, VISA, welfare, travel, accommodation and any other pre-departure information (welcomeofficeunicalit)

DURING PERMANENCE: Our Welcome Office assists international students throughout their permanence helping them to access UNICAL services and to be engaged in the Italian culture

LINGUISTIC SUPPORT: UNICAL offers immersive courses of Italian language and culture tailored to International students


This University is one of the few residential university campuses in Italy and one of the largest. Management and services, which include accommodation and leisure facilities for students, are provided by the Centro Residenziale.

The university offers over 2500 student accommodations in the campus. Over 6000 scholarship (€ 5000 each) are granted every year and 138 for international students only. The residential area includes the Sports Centre, the Health Centre and the Centre for Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts. Moreover, there is a Post office, a Bank, the Language Centre and several other interdepartmental centers.

Students should reserve a room before they arrival and declare their programme (STRAINS in this case) by contacting the 'International Relations Office' or welcomeofficeunicalit. The costs are 140€/month double room or 170 €/month single room. 

International Office contact list.




If you come by train:
the nearest station for the University is Castiglione Cosentino Train Station (4 Km far from University), for timetable and tickets information visit: www.trenitalia.com

If you come by plane:
the nearest Airport for the University is Lamezia Terme Airport (73 Km far from University), for timetable and tickets information visit: http://www.sacal.it.
To reach the University from the Airport you can take the Romano Bus or the TaxiBus "Navetta al Volo":

  1. The ROMANO Bus takes you to the Cosenza Bus Station (9 Km from University), costs 8 euros per person, (see the timetable).
  2. The taxibus “Navetta al Volo”, see the website, takes you directly to the University's Bus Station, costs 10 euros if you are under 25 years old.

For further information contact us at welcomeofficeunicalit



The library is one of the largest and unique libraries in Southern Italy where resources in the scientific, humanistic and social-economic sectors can be found.



In the campus is present a first- aid medical centre with several counselling services and laboratories. Besides, a fully equipped sport centre where more than 40 sports can be practiced



The Centre for Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts (CAMS) promotes culture through concerts, theatres and cinema.



A wide range of sports can be practiced in the campus

  • Team sports(e.g. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Rugby)
  • Martialarts(e.g. Judo, Karate, Kick Boxing,  Fight, MGA, Boxing, Taekwondo, MuayThai)
  • Individual sports (e.g. Athletics, Bodybuilding, Caribbean dances, Cross Training, Corrective gymnastics, Rhythmic gymnastics, Military Fitness, Pilates, Tennis, Archery, Total Body, Yoga, TRX, Zumba