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We wish to offer our students not only the best training, but also a possibility to enjoy this dynamic and formative part of their lives. Exploring new countries and cities, discovering the contrast between different cultures, not only by the educational systems but also in everyday life is a rewarding experience which greatly helps to fully tackle the world’s cultural diversity.

In order to achieve this, we will help students every step of the way with all administrative issues:

Accommodation: Accommodation is proposed and is booked in halls of residence on campus or other solutions upon request by the students when confirming their attendance of the programme. Help can be provided for families or people with special needs requiring private accommodation and adapted services, provided all needs are expressed when confirming attendance. Dining facilities are available in all universities.

Insurance: Full insurance coverage via APRIL insurance is provided to all students through the University of Lille, who will subscribe the insurance for all students prior to arrival. Any additional cost for mandatory national health insurance is reimbursed to the students by the STRAINS Consortium. These costs are covered by the participation costs paid by the students to the Consortium.

Language skills: Even if English is the international official language, it is often not well-spoken/understood by the citizens in different countries. Local languages courses will be proposed to the students (before the beginning of the first semester in Lille and then during the semesters). This is expected to help their integration in the different towns where they will live in, at least for one semester. The courses will be adapted as a function of the initial level of each student in order to optimize the learning progress.

Special needs: The students will come from all over the world and obviously they can have special needs. Each partner university already has good experience dealing with international students and has dedicated services as an international office or Erasmus student association/network (ESN) which will help the different communities to build their own groups.